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Our tours are nature tours. Accomodations are chosen for their comfort, their warm welcome, their location are given by the fact that tey are unique in a special place. They are diverse : hôtel, hostel, mountain hut, rest house, campground...

During your tour, you will sleep, either :
- in town, in comfortable hotels, hostels, or rest houses in twin bedrooms or dormitories,
- in the mountains, in mountain huts and sometimes in tents.

If it is possible and available, the accomodations can be adapted to your special requests, please contact us if needed.


The type of tour gives the type of accomodation and what you carry

- day hikes : you hike everyday from the same accomodation. No transfer. You hike with a small bag. It's the most comfortable way to travel.
- semi-itinerant : these tours are made for those who want a comfortable trip but don't want to stay all the time at the same place. You will stay one to three nights in an accomodation and then move to another place. You carry only a small bag.
- itinerant : from the meeting point, you reach theend point with several stages. Depending on the accessibility of the accomodation, you will have to carry your equipment for the night or they will be transfered to your stage.



We take a special care of the quality and variety of your diet during your tour:
- breakfasts and diners warm and generous, prepared by your hosts,
- lunches served as picnics prepared by your hosts or your guide,
- snacks included in most of our tours.



In some of our tours, transfers are necessary to join different points of the hike. These transfers can use either public or private transportation.


The mountain's hazards

The mountain is a unpredictible environment (weather hazards, etc.) and the zero risk level does not exist. In case of an accident, your group will have to face it. Be prepared to accept the engagement and the risks that go with it, knowing that your guide and the choice of the right level of tour are the best guaranty of your safety. 


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