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Oberland trekking

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Eiger, Jungfrau or Finsteraarhorn : mythical peaks in Oberland that surround the largest glaciers in the Alps, the Aletsch glacier. The Oberland range is part of UNESCO world heritage and offers an amazing environment for an unforgettable glacier trekking. After a calm start, we get to the tall peaks!

• The Oberland range, part of UNESCO world heritage.
• An easy glacier trek in a huge glacial world.
• The ascent of a splendid glacial peak: the Ebnefluh (3962 m).
• The progressive rise in altitude along the trek, for a good acclimation.


D 1/ Brig - Fafleralp - Anenhütte (2366 m)

Meeting at the train station in Brig. Train and bus transfer to the start of our trip: Fafleralp at the end of the typical Lötschental valley, known for its traditionnal masks. Hike up to  Anenhütte, charming and welcoming hut, overlooking the glaicers. The guide will present the program, equipment and techniques for everyone's security. Diner and night in the hut.
2 h hike. A: 600 m.

D 2/ Langgletscher - Lötschenlücke pass - Hollandia Hütte (3235 m)

Long glacial itinerary on the huge glacier, with the enormous seracs in sight. We can see Hollandia Hütte, eyrie hanging on its rock, that we will reach later today. Depending on the conditions, it is possible to set up a workshop on the glacier to experience the security techniques. 
6 h
hike. A: 900 m.

D 3/ Ebnefluh (3962 m) - Konkordiahütten (2740 m)

Early start for the ascent of Ebnefluh, with a light bag (we will come back to the hut later today). From the top, you will enjoy an amazing panorama: all the main peaks of Oberland: Jungfrau (4158 m), Mönch (4099m), Eiger, Finsteraarhorn (4 274m)...  and the endless glaciers that flow quietly.  After a break in the hut, the rest of the day is spent on the glacier to hike down to Konkordiaplatz and the mythical Aletsch glacier (the longest in the Alps!), overlooked by the Aletschörn (4 195m). Hike up the stairs along the cliff to get to Konkordia hut (2850 m) and its panoramic terrace.
Ebnefluh ascent: 5 h
hike. A:  730 m, D: 730 m. Down to Konkordia : 4 h hike. A: 110 m, D: 500 m.

D 4/ Grünhornlücke pass (3286 m) - Finsteraarhornhütte (3048 m)

Beautiful stage on a huge glacial plateau with a view on twenty peaks between 3810 and 4158 meters including the Mönch and Jungfrau (4158 m). We are in the center of the glacial mountain range of Oberland, overlooked by the Finsteraarhorn, highest summit in the range (4274m). We reach the nice and modern hut of « Finste », very comfortable.
5 h
hike. A: 600 m, D: 610 m.


D 5/ Fieschergletscher - Galmi glacier (2700 m) - Oberaarjochhütte (3256 m)

From the Finsteraarhorn hut, we pass on the Studer, Galmi and Fiescher glaciers: we arre still surrouded by endless glaciers. To get to the hut, from Oberaar pass , the path uses a few scales.
6 h
hike. D: 960 m.

D 6/ Oberaargletscher - Oberaar lake - Brig

Last glacial stage. End of the tour in Oberaarsee where a vehicule waits for us to drive us back to Oberwald. Train to Brig.
4 h hike. A: 50 m, D: 1450 m.



• Duration: 6 days
• Level: glacier trek level 5
• What you carry: your personal equipment
• Accomodations: hotel, mountain hut
• Leader: english speaking mountain guide



 Please contact by email to get a quote for your group.


What's included:
— Experienced english speaking mountain guide.
— The collective equipment for the tour.
— Full board from D 1 diner to D 6 lunch.
— The Grimsel - Oberwald transfer.
— Individual snacks for the hike.

  What's not included:
— Insurance.
— Transportation to and from the meeting point.
— The Brig - Goppenstein - Fafleralp and Oberwald - Brig transfer, with local transportation (plan around 30 €).
— What is not mentioned in "what's included".

This program can be customized as you wish (duration, accomodations, itinerary...). Please contact us for more information.

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Oberland trekking