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Mountaineering opens the way to the top of the tallest peaks in the Alps. From Mont Blanc to Monte Rosa through introduction training, Mont Blanc Experience organizes excursions on the main peaks in the northern Alps; and also via ferratas, modern and accessible experiences of verticality.

Mont Blanc Ascent

Straight up ! In Chamonix, its the creed for the guides and the Mont Blanc lovers. No detour on the ascent of the top of the Alps : the Payot ridge to the Vallot shelter then the "Bosses" ridge straight up to the top. This route… 

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Climb Mont Blanc

The goal of this training is to climb Mont Blanc the most comfortably as possible. The first three days will provide you with a good preparation to the altitude and the security techniques. Your professionnal mountain guides will be attentive… 

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Introduction to mountaineering

The purpose of this introduction to mountaineering is to discover the techniques and learn how to use the equipment for the practice of mountaineering with security. This training will enable you to consider more serious excursions. You will… 

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Monte Rosa climb

Monte Rosa is the second highest peak in the Alps. During six days, we will climb six summits over 4000 meters high, between Valais (Swizerland) and Val d'Aoste (Italy). We will spend a night in the highest mountain hut in the Alps, at 4554… 

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Via Ferrata Dolomites

This itinerary in the Dolomites is dedicated to vertical height, with easy via ferrata. From Cortina d'Ampezzo, world's capitale for via ferrata, an itinerary through the most beautiful routes in and around the Tre Cime di… 

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Mountaineering Alps