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Born in Annecy, one of the most beautiful cities in the Alps, nestled between a beautiful alpine lake and the surrounding mountains, I have been playing in the mountains with family since childhood. As a teenager, the high mountains and mountaineering called to me, and I have always enjoyed donning a pair of crampons and pulling out my ice axe for an alpine adventure in France or abroad. I took full advantage of my time in the mountains to become a certified mountain leader (hiking guide), which has allowed me to guide groups just about everywhere throughout the Alps, as well as to amazing places in several other countries – an always enriching experience.

Nowadays, I spend much more time in the office to put together the trips we organize in the Alps, and try to add my considerable experience and knowledge of each range into the mix. That written, I still spend more than enough time on foot, on a bike, in crampons, or in my paraglider exploring the sub ranges of the Alps near and far. The key for me is to set foot in and discover new places anywhere between the Mediterranean Sea and the Dolomites.


Born and raised in an area of the French Alps referred to as the Savoie, my parents started putting me in a baby carrier at just 8 months old to take me on hikes all across the Alps. My adventures in the mountains started before I had even learned to walk! At the age of two and a half, I started skiing, and have been bombing down the slopes ever since. There is even a mountain hut below the Pointe Percée in the Aravis Mountains that bears my last name.

I have traveled all over, and even lived for year in Sweden, but I quickly returned to the region; I simply missed the mountains too much. I like to hike, alpine and cross-country ski, and backcountry ski; whether at sunset after work or on the weekend, I take advantage of every chance I get to enjoy a big breath of fresh air in the mountains.

I am simply ecstatic to be able to share my passion for the mountains with you, to provide my guidance and advice for your projects to explore the Alps. I sincerely hope to be able convey to you this enticing aspect of the mountains that have formed the summits of my life!



My memories of childhood living in Val d’Isère, in the Vanoise Range, where I started working, are intimately tied to the local mountains. A desire to travel around the world led me to visit other continents where I began to organize and sell treks. Today, it is the magnificent outdoor playground surrounding our offices that I like to show people. I have chosen to return to my roots to share my passion for the Alps, outdoor sports (skiing, hiking, mountaineering, biking…), and the amazing local culture.


Originally from the Southern French Alps, I have been playing in the mountains since childhood. I love backcountry skiing and mountaineering, and explore the mountains every which way possible: on leisurely strolls or long hikes, trail running, mountaineering, rock climbing, telemark skiing… I seize every chance possible to venture to new areas in the Alps or to travel just a bit further to places like Norway or Japan to go skiing.
I like to share my passion for traveling and the mountains, and I really enjoy coming up with new ways to explore my favorite places and secret spots in the Alps.



I was born in Annecy and grew up  hiking in the Alps.  Later on I moved to the French Riviera but the mountains were always in my heart.

I have been hiking in the Maritime Alps from the coast to the highest summits of the Mercantour for more than 30 years. I have extensive knowledge of the trails, villages, and accommodations in the area. It would be my pleasure to guide you through the region.


I just love spending time in the mountains. After graduating college, I spent a year traveling through the Andes along the Inca Trail from Santiago to Quito by bike (5000 km) and on foot (2500 km). The experience had a profound effect on me: I left a career in engineering behind and decided to become a mountain leader (hiking guide). After spending a few years on the island of Reunion, I returned to my roots in the Southern French Alps to spend more time with my kids. For the past 7 years I have rambled all throughout the mountains of my childhood, from Ubaye’s wild valleys to the alpine lakes in the Queyras, and from the quaint and cozy lodges of Italy’s Piedmont side of the Alps to some of the highest peaks in the range such as Mt. Viso (3841 m) and the Dome des Ecrins (4015 m).



Born and raised in the Alps, in an area referred to as the Savoie, my parents introduced me to sports and the mountains as a little kid.

I continued to fuel this passion through my studies in college in the Southern French Alps, as well as on a personal level. When I graduated, I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else than the Alps, a truly fantastic playground for outdoor sports.

I love to rock climb, mountain bike, ski, and wakeboard. And as soon as I have a little time to myself, I just love heading off on an adventure in the mountains.


I simply love the great outdoors and the mountains, where I have been hiking, skiing, mountaineering, climbing, and trail running since childhood. From races on popular trails to backpacking in the middle of nowhere, any chance to spend time in the mountains is a gift. As a certified mountain leader (hiking guide), I really enjoy showing the Alps and France to travelers from all around the world.

As head of communications for Mont Blanc Experience, I work hard to make sure that your experience on our website is simple and easy, and that it inspires you to embark on a trip with us to share in our passion for the Alps.



Born in an area of the French Alps called the Savoie, I have always been surrounded by mountains, and would have a hard time living anywhere else. I first fell in love with the mountains when I started skiing. Later on, through rock climbing and via ferrata, I began to appreciate every different aspect of the mountains. As soon as I have time to kill I take off on a hike, and love staring at a map to better understand the mountains around me.
While the mountain ranges all around the world appeal to me, I am always happy to venture on a new hike or set foot for the first time in a mountain hut here in the Alps, which is why I would love to organize an incredible Tour du Mont Blanc adventure for you!


An avid athlete since childhood, I discovered the joys of hiking during my first solo trip just a few years ago. Since then, I plan outings whenever possible, either alone or with friends, to explore the mountains and enjoy outdoor sports to their fullest.
For me, traveling is the best way to experience the world and learn about other cultures first hand. It would be my pleasure to organize an amazing trek just for you!