Mon Roadbook, your digital travel guide

Embark on a self-guided hiking tour using a digital travel guide on your smartphone to show you the way. This is what Mon Roadbook offers. Heidi Carron, a certified mountain leader in charge of the e-roadbook project for Mont Blanc Experience and Allibert Trekking, talks about this innovative application.
Mon Roadbook

What is Mon Roadbook?

We started with a simple observation that in today’s connected world, where people carry their mobile phones everywhere, use and reliance on apps has significantly increased with travelers of all stripes. When hiking, centralizing all the information you need in one device is a real plus. This is one of the great services we offer our clients during their trips. Ergonomic and really easy to use, Mon Roadbook works offline.

What main functionalities does Mon Roadbook provide?

First and foremost, the app provides all the information clients need for their trip: travel documents, the itinerary – the app guides you to your starting point, during the hike, and all the way to your accommodations – GPS tracks, location information (geo-tagged photos and audio notes), and different points of interest along the hike. We have received really positive feedback from clients who have used the app during their trip.