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Mountain Hut with dorms
Multi-day hike
Réf : E3G8
Hiking : a relatively accessible activity, hiking offers the opportunity to explore a country or a region up close, on foot, and to meet and mingle with the locals. On a traverse or loop, whatever your skill level, embark on one of our through-hikes to immerse yourself in the natural wonders of the great outdoors.

Level 2: An average of 4 to 5 hours of hiking per day on a well-marked hilly path or trail.

Level 3: An average of 4 to 5 hours of hiking per day on well-marked trails and/or 600 to 800 meters of vertical gain, and/or distances up to 15 kilometers.

Level 4: An average of 6 hours of hiking per day on well-marked trails or off trail, and/or 700 to 1000 meters of vertical gain, and/or distances of 15 to 18 kilometers.

Level 5: An average of more than 6 hours of hiking per day off trail or on rugged terrain, with more than 1000 meters of vertical gain (and/or distances up to 20 kilometers). Possibly sections at high altitude.

Level 6: An average of more than 7 to 8 hours of strenuous hiking per day off trail or on rugged terrain, with more than 1000 meters of vertical gain and/or distances up to 20 kilometers. Possibly sections at high altitude.

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Our trip

  • Hike the entire time through Gran Paradiso National Park: no transfer necessary.

  • Enjoy amazing views of Mt. Blanc, the Matterhorn, and Mt. Rose.

  • Experience Italian hospitality to its fullest from one mountain hut to another

  • The "Mon Roadbook" mobile application is available for this tour.

"Mon Roadbook" app is available for this trip.
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The mountain itself, Gran Paradiso Peak, rises to a lofty 4061 meters elevation, and is as strikingly beautiful as Mt. Blanc or the Matterhorn, its high-altitude neighbors to the north and northeast. The peak marks the high point of southern half of Aosta Valley and the sub range that bears its name. The area's well-preserved mountain valleys provide access to Europe's very first national park (created in 1922), and a genuine sanctuary (and savior) for the alpine ibex. Marvel in every moment you spend hiking through the park's beautifully stunning terrain carved to perfection by glaciers past and present.

Your choice of lodging + Luggage transfer

Mountain Hut with dorms From mid-June to late September

Without luggage transfer From 880 €* Book / Enquire Devis
With luggage transfer From 1210 €* Book / Enquire Devis

Are you looking for a singular experience with family, friends, colleagues, or a club, organized and led by one of our professional mountain guides?

Travel with a guide

* Price based on 4-person group

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Prices (incl. taxes) from july to september 2023

Mountain Hut with dorms
Price per person
Without luggage transferWith luggage transfer
Single seasonSingle season
2 people1 shared room900 €1515 €
3 people1 shared room885 €1315 €
4 people1 shared room880 €1210 €
5 people1 shared room875 €1140 €
6 people1 shared room870 €1065 €
  • Single season : From 01 July 2023 to 21 September 2023


The price includes / does not include

The price includes:
- Accommodations as described: 7 nights: 3 nights in hotels and 4 nights in mountain huts / dormitoires.
- Meals: 7 breakfasts and 5 dinners (on your own in Pont).
- Transporting your bags if you choose this option (not available Day 2 and Day 5).
- The roadbook (as well as a map and reservation vouchers) for a group of up to 4 persons group.
- Emergency hotline 24/7
- Access to the new mobile phone application (including GPS guidance).

The price does not include:
- Transportation to the meeting point at the start of the trip and from the point where the trip officially ends.
- Dinner Day 1 and Day 7 in Pont.
- Local buses Day 7 between Eaux Rousse and Pont.
- Pack lunches
- Shower in those huts that charge a fee.
- Drinks, tips and personal expenses
- Insurance for trip cancellation/interruption, lost/stolen baggage, or assistance.
- Everything not described as "included".
- If you register less 15 days before the start of the trip, the additional "last-minute" fees to process your application in time.
- The optional "climbing Gran Paradiso Peak (4061m)" after the end of your official trip.

Other expenses:
- All picnic lunches (about 10 to 12€ each day)
- Transfers by local shuttle between Valgrisenche and Rhêmes-Notre-Dame (Breuil) if conditions make Col Fenêtre Pass too dangerous to cross on foot.


France and Italy are part of the Euro zone. You may find ATMs easily in the main cities and towns.
Better to have cash in the most remote areas to purchase extras (ex.: for drinks). Huts do not always accept credit cards.

During your trip

Additional services : during your trip

Climbing Gran Paradiso Peak (4061m)
You have the option of extending your stay two additional days to climb Gran Paradiso Peak with a high-mountain guide. At the end of your trek (Day 7), continue on your way to the Tetras-Lyre Hut, just a fifteen-minute walk from the parking lot in Pont. You will eat dinner and spend the night there.

Day 1 / Tetras-Lyre Hut - Vittorio-Emanuele II Hut
The climb to Vittorio-Emanuele-II Hut (2735 m) follows a well-marked and well-maintained trail. The hut serves as the main base camp for people climbing the standard route up Gran Paradiso Peak. Enjoy the typical warm, welcoming, and often festive Italian atmosphere at the hut. Meet your guide here. He or she will take the time to explain the gear you will use, in addition to the basic safety and orienteering techniques needed for summer mountaineering. Eat dinner and spend the night in the hut.
Approach hike: 2.5 hours. Vertical gain: 750m.

Day 2 / Vittorio-Emanuele II Hut - summit of Gran Paradiso Peak
Rise before dawn. With as light a pack on your back as possible, start by headlamp on your way to climbing to the summit of Gran Paradiso Peak (4061m)! A line of headlamps will likely light the way up the peak's standard route, which ascends a relatively easy glacier to a saddle just below the summit. From there, a short bit of climbing along a rocky ridge takes to you the summit proper and its legendary statue of the Virgin Mary. Your descent back down to the valley takes the same route and trail. Say goodbye to your guide at the end of the afternoon.
Hiking time: 7 to 9 hours. Vertical gain: 1300m. Vertical drop: 2100m.

Price includes
- Accommodations in a mountain hut (2 nights).
- 2 breakfasts and dinners
- Guide services by a state-certified high-mountain guide (one guide for up to 4 clients).
- All technical safety gear for the climb (harness, crampons, ice axe, and helmet).

Your expenses for both days:
- Picnic lunches and snacks for both days.
- Drinks and tips.