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Lodging and accommodations in the Alps

When traveling on foot through the Alps, the wide range of lodging and accommodations available, from mountain huts to hotel by way of guest houses and lodges, are not uniform like most hotels or motels in the USA, and services often vary. For example, there may be noticeable differences in the level of quality, hospitality, and services from one three-star hotel to another. Each building often has its own unique history, whether a converted barn or former military outpost, so simply enjoy each place as it is, with its great features, quirks, and undeniable charm.
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For our trips, we usually offer three different types of accommodations.


Enjoy typical hotel services, twin or double rooms with a bathroom. From two to five stars, the types of services vary significantly from one establishment to another.

Mountain huts(“refuge,” “cabane,” “rifugio”)

Isolated and far from roads or any easy access other than on foot, huts usually provide dormitory style sleeping arrangements with one communal bathroom and toilet per floor or for the entire building. FYI, they are most often coed. If/when they offer separate rooms, there are usually only a few available (reservation required and based on availability, so not guaranteed), and the bathroom and toilets are communal like all other huts.

Mid-range accommodations

Include guest houses and lodges with vehicle access (and baggage transfers) that often offer both dormitory-style sleeping arrangements but not typical hotel services and facilities. The showers, bathrooms, and toilets are usually communal, and sometimes sheets and towels are not provided. Certain “shared rooms” sleep up to 3 or 4 people.

Every hotel, guest house, lodge, or hut is unique, with its own specific services and facilities.