Tour du Mont Blanc : to read, watch and listen

Books, movies, songs… are an extraordinary way to travel. When we think about the French Alps, the Mont Blanc area is, from afar, the destination (with a big T!). Already thinking on your next alpine adventure ? Find here the MBE Team suggestions to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the most emblematic destination of the Alps.


To read

Premier de cordée - First on the rope by Frison Roche

« To take his father’s body back stroked during the ascent, Pierre, a young climber, is ready to face every danger. In Chamonix, all the guides are getting ready to go up. The mountain can be a redoubted killer, selecting carefully her victims. Getting her in your skin can be a burden sometimes : it obsesses and consumes you." Discover a story of passion and braveness with the iconic Mont Blanc mountain range as scenery.

Roger Frison-Roche was a French alpine guide, a journalist, an expedition leader and a writer. He worked for the Compagnie des Guides de Chamonix (guides company) for several years. In 1942, he wrote a famous novel trilogy from wich « First on the rope » is the first volume.

With the extraordinary ability to make the reader experience every little details of the ascent, he will take you up the mountains, touching the purity and tranquillity of the majestic Mont-Blanc massif.

The adventure which the novel inspired us : Guided Tour du Mont-Blanc in hotel


To watch

Malabar princess, based on a true story

Tom, an 8 years old boy,  is getting himself ready to spend one full year in his grandfather’s house, in the Mont Blanc valley. The reason of his relocation? Reaching a kind of calmness, feeling nearly faded away since his mother disappearance. Curious and imaginative, this little boy will find himself and discover,  along many adventures, the truth about his mother.

On the 3rd of November 1950, the Malabar Princess, an Air India plane on his way from Bombay to London, crashed at 4700 meters on the Bosson Glacier in the Mont Blanc area.  Nearly 50 people perished in the accident which remains a tragedy for families and relatives, as no body could be found by the rescue teams displayed.

This french movie, released in 2004, focused on Tom, played by Jules Angelo Bigarnet. The film director, Gilles Legrand, wanted to illustrate the energy the kids can develop to move away from a difficult situation.

The adventure which the novel inspired us : Guided tour du Mont-Blanc in comfort


To listen


Cosmojazz, music festival in Chamonix

Are you ready to enjoy some good music surrounded by the most epic mountains ?
That is the proposal of CosmoJazz, a jazz music festival born twelve years ago in the heart of the French Alps.
During the day, concerts are organized in altitude, benefitting the majestic sceneries around and when the night falls, rendez-vous in Chamonix city center to continue this amazing music journey.
With a rich program who counts international guests and represents all the kind of musics, it invites everyone to reconnect with the nature through the music vibes.

Listen to their last edition recap

The adventure which the novel inspired us : Running the full Tour du Mont Blanc