Baggage transfers

Man hiking with a bag

Most of our trips include baggage transfers as an option, and when possible, we will transfer your bags each and every day. Nevertheless, this service is not automatic (please read through the “organization” and “the price includes” sections). Your bags may be transferred by vehicle or by cable. However, some mountain huts are simply not accessible, and in these cases transferring your bags is not an option. The tour still passes through an area due its extraordinary beauty or its strategic location along the way to the final destination, which is way we make the choice to lodge you in these more remote accommodations.

In addition, sometimes we choose “by default” not to transfer bags for certain establishments, even if accessible, for cost and environmental reasons. For example, on the Circumnavigating the Matterhorn tour, if we offered baggage transfers for the two nights in Italy, we would spend a total of 9 hours driving 1400km, which seems completely unnecessary for the two reasons just mentioned.