Electrical sockets, WiFi, Mobile phone networks

In order to recharge your telephones and other devices, here is what you need to know about the electrical sockets and voltage/amperage for France, Italy, and Switzerland.
Man with a phone

The best thing to do is to buy an international travel adapter.


  • Type of electrical socket: E
  • Voltage/amperage: 230V


  • Type of electrical socket: F (also works with plug E)
  • Voltage/amperage: 230V


  • Type of electrical socket: J
  • Voltage/amperage: 230V

In the Alps, mobile phone and 3G reception is reliable when near the villages and even hamlets from one valley to another. Check with your provider for any fees they may charge for roaming and using the 3G network in a foreign country.

In the event of an emergency (and only in an emergency) most hut managers will let you use their phone (land line).
For anyone staying in a hotel during their tour, most hotels offer free WiFi for their guests.

For the TMB:

Portions of the TMB have mobile phone reception, but not all. Reception also depends on your carrier. For the most part, here are the areas without coverage (dead zones): from Notre Dame de la Gorge to Col de la Seigne Pass (Les Chapieux as well where you may be spending the night); from Grand Col Ferret Pass to La Fouly; Col de Balme Passe.