Mont-Blanc : 3 good reasons to early book your expedition

First come first served. Every year, thousand of climbers try to reach the top of the most iconic Alps peak, the renowned Mont-Blanc. Most of them have booked their adventure several months in advance. Julien, in charge of this destination for Mont-Blanc experience, explain us the reasons why.


#1 The hut’s room booking, the key


Two mountain huts are located on the Mont-Blanc normal ascent trail. They play a very central role on the way up:
•           Le refuge de Tête Rousse (3167 m): a mandatory acclimatization stopover before the final summit push
•           Le refuge du Goûter (3850 m): in the summit half-way or on the way down, a very earned stop at this unique place: an eco-building, masterpiece from a far away galaxy, before returning to the Chamonix civilisation.

Depending on the climatic conditions, the itinerary can be adapted and modify the huts chronological order.

With a very limited bed capacity (72 for the first one; 120 for the second), when the reservations open, they are fully booked very quickly.    

Why ?

Since July 2019, to avoid most of the high mountain potential incidents - aka  tee shirt & sneakers used as climbing gear - the Haute-Savoie administrative center decided to take several measures in order to insure every alpinist's safety. To have the opportunity to climb up the Mont-Blanc on your own or as part of an expedition agency group, booking the hut accommodation is an obligation as it’s severely controlled by the « brigade blanche » (white squad). This is not a professional climber topic, known to make the ascent and back within a day.    

As Mont-Blanc Experience, trekking agencies leading in this alpine range benefit of a kind of booking priority. However, this pre-booking means no privilege: to ensure a reservation, all the ID card details have to be provided.


 #2 To enjoy the best climbing conditions


Summer 2022. The heatwave episode hit the Earth, specially Europe. Global warming was on everybody’s mind. The result? An extreme dryness, impacting the environment and even more the fragile high mountain ecosystem. Waiting for other similar episodes to come, reducing furthermore the weather window to tread upon this no less famous alpine ridge, two watchwords: caution & adaptability.

Our team wants you to experience the best conditions for this expedition. We decided to operate this journey only until the end of July, it will guarantee the quality and the safety during the ascent.


 # 3 Perfect timing to be in shape


Maximizing your chances to reach the summit needs a proper training.

As well, you will need to focus on the psychologist aspect. The altitude, the cold, the feeling of vastness can add a zest of spice to your alpine adventure and can in fact, surprise you.

To provide the best once in a lifetime experience, you will review during the first three days basic alpinism techniques before starting to climb our Shared Mont-Blanc ascent, guarantee of a safely journey up.


Bonus# To start dreaming…


Yayyy! Decision taken, next year you will reach the top of the Mont Blanc! You are nearly ready to feel the emotion disco dance, we mean all the emotions you will develop before the big day, ringing the beginning of the adventure: a slide of excitation, a bit of impatience and a apprehension, with the last one cherry on the cake,  happiness!

You will then try to imagine, immerge yourself in a Mont-Blanc climber mind. What will you feel up there? When? Surrounded by a thousand stars sky, you will, crampons on, go to catch the summit! In this mystic atmosphere, time flying as you can only hear the crackles of your steps on the ice, will you feel the connection with the stunning iced world around?

Your questioning will also lead you to uncertainty, as the failure possibility can not be discarded in the high mountain world. But please remind those words from Robert Louis Stevenson, a celebrated traveler: « I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel's sake. The great affair is to move. »

And then, for the luckiest, you will stand on the summit. The check with your "cordée" (roped-up) partner, a big hug with your guide and you will realize all the way you went went through, the months of training, the transcendence, all the hours climbing up the mountain which instantly will feel like seconds.

Ready for one of the most epic sportive and human journey? Book now!